Coping with Dubai’s Harsh Climate: A Soothing Facial Toner

A Soothing Facial Toner

The extreme heat, aridity, and pollution in Dubai can wreak havoc on the skin, especially for newcomers from temperate climates. Renowned skincare expert Dr. Natalia Derkach revealed an ideal solution. From this article, you will learn how to choose and apply a nourishing toner for face that will help you soothe and restore stressed complexions in this harsh new environment.

Dehydration, Irritation and Sensitivity

The majority of people moving to Dubai from cool northern regions face the same issue. Their skin is completely unaccustomed to the intensely hot, dry, and polluted air. The surface skin cells become severely parched, causing tightness, flaking, stinging, and itching as the moisture barrier is compromised.

Deeper moisture loss leads to shrinkage of plump collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in sagging skin and amplified aging. Skin starts showing fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness much faster than normal. Intense UV radiation and urban pollution generate masses of free radicals that attack unprotected skin cells, accelerating aging even more. No moisture means there’s nothing to shield the skin from this oxidative damage.

Many newcomers experience redness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity, and breakouts as their skin revolts against the sudden extreme climate change. The harsh environment overwhelms the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it vulnerable to problems it would not normally face.

A Nourishing, Antioxidant-Rich Facial Toner

To help stressed skin cope, Dr. Derkach recommends replenishing lost hydration and antioxidants with a toner by INSTYTUTUM. 

For example, Advanced Retinol Toner has a gentle, soothing formula that coats skin with moisture-binding compounds and botanical extracts to restore a healthy moisture balance. Key ingredients like encapsulated stable retinol, black rose extract, provitamin B5, and allantoin provide instant cooling and calming benefits, reducing redness and sensitivity. 

Rich antioxidants defend against environmental aggressors like heat and pollution while curbing collagen and elastin deterioration. Skin is left supple, nourished, and protected with an enhanced moisture barrier to handle Dubai’s harsh climate. Your complexion is reset and fortified to stay healthy despite the desert heat, constant air conditioning, and urban pollution.

How to Use a Toner for Optimal Results

If you have a question about how to use this toner correctly, you can follow this standard instruction:

  1. After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with the Advanced Retinol Toner. Avoid rubbing – gently sweep it over your face, neck, and décolletage.
  2. Pay extra attention to any dry or irritated areas around the eyes, lips, cheeks, and chin. Let the cotton pad rest on each area to allow deeper absorption.
  3. While the skin is still damp, apply a hyaluronic acid serum to reinforce hydration. Follow with soothing aloe vera gel for added moisturizing.
  4. Apply a daily broad spectrum SPF 50+ moisturizer to shield from further climate damage. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours when outdoors.
  5. Use the hydrating toner anytime your skin feels tight, overheated, or irritated for quick relief and calmness.ї
  6. For deeper nourishment, let the toner soak into the skin for a few minutes before applying a mask. For instance, the FIRMAGIC overnight firming mask.
  7. Apply toner before layering on antioxidant and retinol serums to maximize their effectiveness. Follow with a rich night cream like Superbiotic Plant-Based Ceramide Cream.

This guide may be excessive for the average case of worsened skin conditions due to climate change. If this is not sufficient for you or did not help, you can make use of additional tips.

Additional Tips for Adjusting to Dubai’s Climate

Additional tips are designed to help your skin recover, but they cannot replace the above-mentioned guide. Take a look at these and incorporate them for your health:

  • Avoid hot showers and limit sun exposure during peak hours. Cover skin when going out.
  • Eat antioxidant-rich foods like berries, leafy greens, nuts and salmon. Stay hydrated with water and juices.
  • Use gentle cleansers without alcohol or fragrance, which dry out the skin. Exfoliate 2–3 times per week.
  • Consider installing a humidifier at home and office to add moisture back into the air.
  • Get 7–9 hours of sleep nightly. Stress and exhaustion make skin more vulnerable.

After completing this set of procedures, you should feel much healthier and visually notice this effect.


Newcomers to Dubai’s climate don’t have to suffer from parched, irritated skin. With INSTYTUTUM antioxidant-rich toner, anyone can restore a healthy moisture barrier and fortify their skin against harmful environmental factors. Your skin will stay calm, balanced, and youthful despite the desert heat, constant AC, and pollution.

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