How to Check Emirates ID Status in a Few Seconds

Check Emirates ID Status:

The Emirates ID is a national identity card that is issued to all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates. It is used primarily for travel purposes but can also be used as a form of identification at the point of entry into the country.

The Emirates ID card was first introduced in 2004 but was modernized in 2020 to replace all previous forms of identification, including passports and driving licenses. The card allows you to do everything from travel abroad to register your children at school.

You can check your Emirates ID card status online by visiting the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). You can see what type of information is stored on your card and whether there are any issues with it. If necessary, this will allow you to take action before your next flight or trip abroad.

How to Check Your Emirates ID Card Status Online

Here are the steps to check Emirates ID status:

1. Visit the official website:

2. Click on the “Check Application Status” button on the homepage.

3. Enter the application number (if you have applied) or provide your Emirates ID number.

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4. Click the “Submit” button to view your application status.

Why Should One Check on the Emirates ID Status

Checking your Emirates ID status is important for a multitude of reasons;

  • It’s a good practice to check your Emirates ID status regularly to ensure you don’t have any problems with it. If you do have problems, then you can take action to correct them before they become larger issues.
  • Checking your Emirates ID status also allows you to keep track of all the transactions made using your Emirates ID. This is important because it helps protect your personal information from being stolen or misused by others.
  • Checking your Emirates ID status also allows you to verify the validity of documents containing information about your identity, such as passports and driver’s licenses.

Check the Validity of Your Emirates ID Or Visa

On the FAIC website, you may quickly and simply verify the validity of your Emirates ID or Visa. Simply carry out the two steps to obtain the information you want.

To access the relevant page of the FAIC portal, click this link.

By entering your file number or passport details, you can check your status. After filling out your bio, choose the option that is most convenient for you and press the “Serch” button.

How Can I Obtain a New Emirates ID?

Fill out the E Form at the approved typing facility closest you to receive your new Emirates ID. Visit the FAIC website to fill out this form online as well. You will then get an SMS asking you to go to a registration facility for further procedures. Additionally, it will include the date, time, and address.
For foreigners, the emirates ID fee is AED 170. (per annum), AED 270 (2 year validity), AED 370 (3 year validity)

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UAE Citizens: AED 170 (5 year validity), AED 270 (10 years validity).

GCC National: AED 170 (5 year validity).

Your passport and your resident VISA are required documents.

How Can I Get My Emirates ID Quickly?

By using the “Fawri” service, you can obtain your Emirates ID card in less than 24 hours. For this urgent service, FAIC has an extra cost. This is accessible for new registrations, renewing cards that have expired, and replacing missing or damaged cards. Only identity card replacements are permitted for foreigners to use this service.

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Conclusion | Check Emirates ID Status

Gone are the days of waiting hours and hours after your flight to find out that your Emirates ID has been rejected. Emirates has simplified how you can check your Emirates ID status, making the whole process faster and less stressful. Check your Emirates ID status whenever you want, wherever you are!

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