Complete Guide How to Check Your FAB Bank Balance Online

You can now know your FAB Bank balance from the comfort of your home or office, with no need for the queue up. If you would like to know the complete guide on how to check your FAB bank balance online, keep reading.

This article promises that you’ll get to know the reasons why you should check your FAB bank balance online.

Adding to that, you’ll know other functions that you can perform online either on the FAB Bank official website or on the application.

The reason because, you deserve a seamless and stress-free banking experience, let’s begin.

Complete Guide How to Check Your FAB Bank Balance Online

You can check your FAB bank balance either through online or with the official FAB Bank application. Here, we’ll be seeing the right steps to getting out of the confusion and achieving the result:

#1. Check-in Your FAB Bank Balance on the Website

Checking your fab account balance online is as simple as typing the website domain name [] on Google. The command will land you on the home page, then here are the steps you must take:

  • Find and click the “Login” button: the “Login” button is usually at the top right corner, not the home page; a change of position may be caused by the device Optimisation — click on Login, then you’re to provide your FAB Bank Login details, same with the one you used in physical banking.
  • Locate your account information: now that you’re in, go on and explore for your account information. You should find it at the centre of your screen display. Once you’ve seen it, tap on it, and you’ll be redirected to the information that you require.
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#2. Check-in Your FAB Bank Balance using the Mobile app

If you prefer the FAB Bank mobile app to the website, then here’s how to check your FAB bank balance with it, it’s quite easy:

  • Download the mobile app from their official stores: go to the Play Store and install the Fab Bank for your Android device or the app store for iOS devices. Be vigilant because there are clone apps that may look like the “FAB Mobile” but it’s not. Get the FAB Mobile for Android; get the FAB Mobile Banking for iOS.
  • Logging in: after installing the FAB Bank app, open it. You may need to sign up as a first-timer, with an active email address and Mobile number. Afterwards, you’re to log in with the same details you used in creating an account. It’s best if you set your login to two-factor authentication for security purposes.
  • Locate “Check Balance”: after a successful login, you’ll be redirected to the menu dashboard. There, locate the “Check Balance” — click on it.
  • Your Fab Account Balance in display: clicking on the “Check Balance” symbol will bring your FAB bank balance within seconds.

Checking FAB Bank balance on the mobile app is the same as online. When logged in, you can also, perform other functions either in the mobile app or website such as:

  • Check Atm balance
  • Review Your Recent Transactions
  • Check FAB Bank Salary Account Balance(for prepaid card owners)
  • Take loans
  • Transfer money
  • International transactions

Get to know more at

However, after a satisfactory exploration of your dashboard, you may want to log out, making sure your security is intact.

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It’s advised that you click the logout button, this will ensure that your financial data is peculiar to you alone, to avert data theft and account cleaning out.

Why You Should Check Your FAB Bank Balance Online

You should check your FAB Bank Balance and perform other financial functions online for the following reasons:

#1. Convenience

ATMs are free to go because you don’t need them now that you’ve gotten your FAB Bank online and mobile app. All you need to stay updated with your financial details are your Login details, data connection and the energy to punch your device. You can now access your bank from the comfort of your home, office or even partying.

#2. Real-Time Updates

You may choose to monitor every financial movement on your account such as deposits, withdrawals and pending payments and you’ll get a live feed on your bank balance. This isn’t so with the traditional method of fetching a monthly account statement or through ATM receipts.

#3. Security

With the FAB Bank Mobile app and online banking, you’re sure to keep your financial details from prying eyes. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your bank information, with the one-time password[OTP] feature, you can detect an authorized attempt on your bank account. 

#4. Speed

With the FAB Banking Mobile, you get all the information you seek in a matter of seconds. Also, you gain speed in bank transfers, taking of loans and payment of bills.

#5. Savings

You can easily look up your bank statement for the month. This will enable you to curtail your spending habits to save more for the new month.

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