#1 Passport Renewal Dubai: How to Renew Passport in UAE

Passport Renewal Dubai – Guidelines & Best Practices

Do you want to renew your passport in Dubai? Is your visa running out of time? I have displaced or lost my passport; what can I do? Can I travel to Dubai without a passport? Can I renew my passport online or go to their offices? How much is the renewal of my passport? Thankfully, this article is what you need to sort all your needs in one package. 

A passport is a vital document for both residents and visitors in Dubai in one way or another. Right? But first, because of the current covid-19 measures, it is highly recommended to apply for this document online regardless of your country of origin within Dubai.

Passport Renewal Dubai

Types of Passports Application in Dubai

  1. A regular passport with a navy blue cover is issued to the United States of Emirates citizens only.
  2. A special passport with a green cover is a unique passport issued to Federal National Council members. For instance, retired high-ranking government officials and their family members. Federal decisions can also be issued from the Supreme federal council to Emirate state representatives. On top of that, the passport has the same visa regime as the diplomatic passport.
  3. A diplomatic passport has a red cover issued to the royal family and diplomats serving in the Emirate embassies abroad. 
  4. Service or temporary password, it has a cyan cover. It is issued to non-citizens and citizens for a specific duration to carry out a particular task to the state, after which it is renewable after expiration. 
  5. The emergency passport has a grey cover. This kind of passport is issued to citizens who lost their passports abroad or their identity cards in the GCC. It can also be issued during the evacuation, natural disasters or if it expires while far away.
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Outlook of the Passport Renewal Dubai

Each outer passport cover has the court of arms of the United States of Arabs. The second page of the passport has vital details as included:

  • Type of the passport
  • Passport number
  • Photo of the owner
  • Full name
  • Code of issuing country
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Place of issue
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry and many more

General Requirements for Passport Renewal Dubai

  • Confirm online appointment
  • The physical appearance of the applicant
  • The original old passport
  • Print application online E-passport form with barcode
  • A photocopy of the passport data page
  • Civil registration documents must be issued by the PH Statistical Authority, while the Department of Foreign Affairs should apostille those from PH courts.
  • Additional documents as explorer below;

Additional Requirements for the Passport Renewal Dubai Plus the Applicant

Due to covid-19 measures, the application of the passport is by appointment. Therefore, consider visiting the passport appointment portal for convenience. 

As an applicant, according to Department Order No 37-03, failure to unclaimed your passport within six months from the date of issuance will be annulled.

1. Minor Child Passport Renewal

  • The application should be submitted by the applicant accompanied by both parents.
  • For verification, the original passports of the parents should be submitted.
  • The original signature of the parents is required on the declaration column of the online application and the original passport copy.
  • If one of the parents doesn’t have the original passport during submission, then the Sworn Affidavit and prior approval should be made from the CGI Dubai.
  • However, no Sworn Affidavit approval is required for parents whose passports are under police custody. If one of the parent signatures is missing, you have to follow a different application form for minor child passport renewal.
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2. Short Valid Passport Renewal

You need prior approval from the Consulate General of India, Dubai, together with instructions given by BLS and the original old passport If you’re holding a short passport validity, and you lack the UAE Visa stamp on the passport regardless of the place of issue.

3. Passport Renewal for Married Ladies

  • It would help if you had a photocopy of the marriage certificate plus your spouse’s passport
  • Marriage ladies can add their husbands’ names to their passports

4. Passport Renewal for Name Change in Case of Remarried Women

  • If a spouse dies, you have to present a death certificate issued by the Registrar of Death.
  • Original and photocopy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage
  • A copy of the applicant spouse’s passport
  • Divorce or death certificate for deletion of addition of the spouse name
  • An explanatory letter stating the reasons for the name change. The letter must include the place of divorce and file number.

5. Lost Passport Renewal 

  • A copy of the lost passport includes the first, last, address page is separated, any endorsement pages, and visa page with additional booklet. For minors, present the original and copies of the parent’s passports.
  • A copy of the First Information Report (FIR) from the police authorities and its authentic English translation in original.
  • Annexure F for the lost passport stating how it happened
  • If an old passport is mentioned in the FIR, it has to be approved by the Consulate.

6. Damaged Passport Renewal

  • Annexure F for the damaged passport is required stating circumstance it got damaged
  • Damaged passport in its original state and its clear copy. Parents’ original and copies of their passports are needed for the minors for verification.
  •  If get damaged by fire, an FIR of a report from the police and its authentic translation to English is needed.
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How much is Passport Renewal Dubai?

The prices differ as per the type of passport you want to renew. Click to check for the type of passport price you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my passport if the UAE Residency Visa expires?

Absolutely yes, you can do it whenever it expires. Click here for more guidance. 

I have a one-month-old baby? Does the baby require a separate passport, or can his name be endorsed in one of the parents’ passports?

No. According to the amended law, a minor should have a separate passport. Visit the Registration of the childbirth for application.

How many passport pages can I apply for, and at what cost?

You are allowed to apply for 36 pages out of the 60 possible pages, which is a regular passport. You can apply for this if you make regular travels. Follow the link for the passport fee.

Wrap Up: Passport Renewal Dubai

For any other services concerning passport renewal, make sure you get in touch with BLS International visa and passport services or the Philippines Consulate General Dubai to sort you out. Renew your passport to avoid confrontation with the land laws. 

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