7 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Web Design And Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Professional Web Design And Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fast-growing markets for Ecommerce in the Middle East. According to the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce, the total turnover of Ecommerce businesses in UAE is around $.8 billion is 2021. And Dubai has a significant share in this turnover.

The turnover of Ecommerce businesses in the UAE is estimated to reach $9.6 billion by 2026. At this growth rate, a business with a modern website and social media presence is losing out business to people who are expanding and flourishing through Ecommerce.

Dubai has one of the most active social media penetration in the world. Almost 98% of the total population is active on social media. Now imagine a company that has the potential to grow online, but does not have a social media presence. Imagine the kind of business they are losing to their competitors who are active on social media and has a modern functional website with online payment option.

So here are 7 benefits of why a business in Dubai should hire a professional social media marketing and web design company in Dubai to improve their sales online

Professionally Designed and Executed

A professional web design and social media marketing agency in Dubai will have an experienced team of designers and content writers who can design professional-looking websites with the latest trends, and create unique and engaging content that can actively engage your social media followers.

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Another important aspect of hiring a social media and web design company in Dubai is time-saving. For both web design and social media campaigns, it involves lots of planning, research, design, and development. When you hire a professional agency, they will have experience in executing jobs similar to this. So they will be able to complete the planning and research part of the project quickly and this saves lots of time.


One needs expertise to successfully execute a web design or a social media campaign. Creating a website is only part of the job, for a website to work successfully, it should be mobile-friendly, should be optimized for search engines, the website should have a working payment gateway. Implementing all these functionalities needs expertise.

Similar to a web design project, for a social media campaign to be successful, the business should understand the type of customers it’s targeting, the kind of ad copy they should write, and what kind of call to action they should use. To successfully implement a social media campaign, you should hire a professional social media marketing company in Dubai.

Cost Effective

It is always cost-effective to outsource your tasks to a social media marketing or a web design agency in Dubai, rather than hiring a team in-house. This is because both web design and social media are niches that keep evolving at a very fast rate. As a web design and social media agencies work for several clients, they will be updating themselves on the latest trend.

Whereas, if you have an in-house team, you have to spend on the necessary software and certification for your employees. And all these are going to cost much. Moreover, if your requirement is not frequent, then you can hire a professional agency in Dubai and pay them for the tasks they will be working on.

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Help you stay ahead of the competition

A web design and social media marketing company can help you stay ahead of your competition by developing a strong online presence and utilizing the latest trends and technologies to improve your website and social media platforms.

Consistency in branding

When you hire a web design or a social media agency, they will ensure that all your business materials have consistent branding. For example, your website, your social media profiles, and the images you share in your social media profiles will have the same color scheme and logo. This will help in brand recall and implements consistent branding.

Detailed reporting

As a professional agency, a social media company will provide you with detailed reporting on your social media campaigns. If you run a Facebook ad, the social media agency will provide you with a report on cost per lead, how many people got engaged with your ad, how they got in touch with the business, and more.

Similarly, a web design agency will mostly have an SEO team, and they can provide you with a monthly report on how many visitors visited your website, source of traffic, bounce rate, and more.

These are the 7 major benefits of hiring a social media marketing and web design company in Dubai. They can help your business to reach the next level and improve the online presence of your business.

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