Top 8 Richest People of Dubai

Richest People of Dubai

Becoming a successful businessman isn’t a joke. It needs lots of hard work and determination. Nowadays, running a business and turning your business into a success, and becoming richer is tough. If you guys are looking for wealth, then Dubai is a good place to start your business. It may seem like a small city but there are more than 3,302,000 residents living in Dubai. It is the city with the most innovative and luxurious development. In this city, you will get various opportunities to start small businesses.

Do you guys know that Dubai is the second most expensive city in the Middle East and 20th in the world? Dubai is considered the second home of the wealthiest people around the globe. Dubai has been growing very rapidly with its booming economy and high standards of living. Here, In this article, we will give a list of the top 8 richest people in Dubai.

1. Majid AL Futtaim – Net Worth – $6.1 billion

Majid Al Futtaim is the richest person in Dubai with a net worth of $6.1 billion. Majid Al Futtaim is not only the richest man in Dubai but also one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates. He was the founder and CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Holdings. While he passed away in December 2021, still he was known to be one of the most prominent leaders in economic growth across the Middle East. His companies were spread across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia with its primary Business being in retail and entertainment. He also owned several shopping malls such as the Malls of the Emirates, retail stores, and even the Al Mouj Muscat Community.

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2. Abdulla Bin Ahmad Ghurair – Net Worth – $4.9 billion

He is the second richest person in Dubai with a net worth of $4.9 billion. Abdulla Bin Ahmad Ghurair the former CEO of Mashreq Bank retired and passed on his title to his son Abdul Aziz. Besides this, he is also a member of a prominent Emirati business family. In 1967, he founded Mashreqbank and stepped down as Chairman. He owned the largest flour mill in UAE, a water company, an animal-feed producer, as well as hotels, apartments, and a Dubai Shopping mall. Moreover, he also holds many

Eponymous companies and mammoth corporations with an interest in real estate and food construction.

3. Ravi Pillai – Net Worth – $4.2 billion

Ravi Pillai is a well-known businessman in India who shifted to the United Arab Emirates to grow his business. After shifting to UAE, his business began to rise to fame as he gradually went from a small trader to a business conglomerate. Further, he has expanded a construction MNC to 9 countries across the globe. Nowadays, he is counted among the top richest persons in Dubai. He got a lot of success and money in his business and he would push the Ravi Pillai Group to the top. According to the richest person list, Ravi Pillai was ranked as one of the 529 richest people around the world and 3rd in Dubai.

4. Yussuf Ali – Net Worth – $3.7 billion

Yussuf Ali Musaliam Veettil Abdul Kader is one of the richest men in Dubai. He is a UAE-based Indian businessman and billionaire. He founded the LuLu Group International, which owns the LuLu Hypermarket chain worldwide, and LuLu International Shopping Mall. He is a native of Kerala but shifted to UAE to grow his business. In 2006, he started his business by starting a convention hall along with a hotel in Thrissur, Kerala. Gradually he increased his fame all over Dubai and soon he became one of the richest people in Dubai.

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5. Micky Jagtiani – Net Worth – $3.1 billion

Do you guys know that Micky Jagtiani was a taxi driver in London? He shifted to the United Arab Emirates in 1973 and opened a shop for baby products. He started his small business and now he is considered one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of $3.1 billion. He is also the CEO of the Landmark Group which operates in the entertainment and retail industries. Due to his business, more than 45000 people got their livelihood. There are around 1000 stores of Landmark Group across the Middle East, Persian Gulf Region, and India.

5. BR Shetty – Net Worth – $2.6 billion

Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty or BR Shetty is another Indian businessman that is counted in the list of the Top 8 Richest men in Dubai. He has a net worth of $2.6 billion. He is the founder and head of various companies like NMC Healthcare and BR life. He also donated half of their wealth to charitable causes as per the given pledge. Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty is the founder of various companies based in the United Arab Emirates, including Abu Dhabi-based NMC Health, Neopharma, BR’s ventures, and Finablr. His Initial interest was in hospitals and hospitality but later he expanded his business to pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail advertising, and information technology.

6. Sunny Varkey – Net Worth – $2.6 billion

He is a non-resident Indian and a well-known businessman and philanthropist in the United Arab Emirates. Sunny Varker is among the richest persons in Dubai and the founder of the global advisory and educational management firm GEMS Education. GEMS is the largest educational institute for kindergarten to grade-12 schools and has over 80 schools in over a dozen countries. Sunny Varkey is also the chairman of the Umbrella business organization and the trustee of the philanthropic Varkey Foundation. He also committed to donating at least half of his money to philanthropic causes over his lifetime.

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7. Abdulla Futtaim – Net worth – $2.1 billion

Abdulla Futtaim is one of the richest men in Dubai with a net worth of $2.1 billion. He is the owner of the Al Futtaim group and controls the operation of a lot of business activities in the electronics, automotive, and IKEA stores in the United Arab Emirates. He is well-known for being one of the main distributors of Toyota and Lexus Vehicles.


This is the list of the Top 8 richest men in Dubai with their net worth. If you are interested in searching on the Dubai Facts, then this is the right place for you. Here we gave every detail of the Billionaires. I hope this article might help you in searching for the richest men in Dubai.

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