Top 9 Property Management Companies In Dubai

Are you wondering how to find the best property management companies Dubai? If yes, then don’t worry we are here to help you. We have a list of Property Management Companies In Dubai. There are two ways either ask you realtor or google search them. But if you want to get the best in less time then search engine is the right solution for you. Now a days everyone uses the Google and read about different companies. So it is pretty easier for all of us to find what we want like Property Management Companies In Dubai.

Best Property Management Companies In Dubai

There are different companies in Dubai to help you choose property. Read each of the companies below before selecting the right one for you. 

1. Deluxe Holiday Homes

Formed and licensed by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in 2015, Deluxe Holiday Homes™ is one of the leading full-time vacation rental management companies in Dubai. With over 350+ managed furnished apartments and luxury villa rentals, this award-winning vacation rental company in Dubai is most trusted by guests and landlords, as seen in their Google and social media reviews.

Deluxe Holiday Homes unlocks the possibilities and simplifies the experience of vacation home rentals. Property owners trust their proven ability to deliver comprehensive property care and unbeatable revenue. Guests book Deluxe Holiday Homes™ with confidence, relying on professionally trained staff to help them find exactly what they’re looking for, and know exactly what they’ll get.

2. West Gate Real Estate

Established in 2005, this company has been a trusted real estate brokerage firm which offers buying, selling, and renting properties in Dubai for more than 15 years. Having expertise both in the residential and commercial spaces, the company garnered satisfied local and foreign investors.
West Gate Real Estate offers A to Z Property Management. The service includes outsourcing tenants, DEWA and EJARI registration, rent collection, resolving property disputes, and full property marketing. Contact them now for more information.

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3. Better homes 

If you want a real estate agency with more than 10 years, better homes are here for you. The aim of this company is to provide their client with suitable management property. 

The company has many branches in the Middle East dealing with housing property. The team staff for the company has very hardworking people. Better home will be among Dubai’s top leading property companies in 2022. 

A better home will ensure that your investment with them is worth your spending. The starting rate is 95% which is lower than other property management. In addition, the company charges a fee of 8% yearly. 

This company has won several awards as one of the best property management in Dubai. Most people recommend it on how they serve a customer; even if you are new, you will feel comfortable working with them.

4. Key one property 

If you are searching for a lower fee of 5%, this is the real estate management you need to get. The company offers you good service for your money. 

The company deals with real estates management services such as commercial, retail property, and residential all over Dubai and party of the Middle East. The viewing and tenant agreement is free of charge. 

The company is well organized; you can visit their website package, which has monthly statements, rent collections, and an online portal 24/7 for contacting. In case you have any problem you can contact the management team. Another service you will get from Key one property is like maintenance of housing, offering a landlord portal on the websites.

The company management imposes fees of 5% and an additional of 2% for property repair. However, even after the contract ends, the company is there to help you, which is not chargeable.

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Property Management Companies In Dubai
Property Management Companies In Dubai Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

5. Manage my property 

Make your property management enjoyable with managing my property. The company is one of the oldest real estate properties with over ten years in Dubai. It offers good services, and if you are a landlord using them, you are stress-free. They will manage your property well and make your work easier. 

The company provides you with all services and ensures to pay tenant any damage during accommodation. 

The company is well organized, and working with them is a straightforward process. The staff is available 24/7; you can contact them also send a message to receive price options. Unlike others, the good thing about this company is that it has an app that you can download to check property management. MMP is recommended company because of its excellent customer service. 

6. The property: Property Management in Dubai

As the name suggests, this is one of Dubai’s best leading real estate companies. The company has experience in the field and provides its clients quality service. If you check on their website history, you will find out is among the company that has maintained return customers over the years. 

The company has a dedicated staff that solves your issues immediately. For example, you can buy real estate with them and get all the documents required before handing over your money to prove. 

7. Yallarent 

Want to get a short-term rental? Yallarent is one of Dubai’s top property management companies that offer services different from others mentioned here. If you’re going to rent or own hotels and other apartments, you can try Yallarent to run it for you. 

Apart from management, the company assured you to increase your rental income to almost 40% once it takes over. You can also check other services on your online portal if you want for a booking; the support team is available 24/7. 

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The company has a different structure of fees compared to others. Here is the list of payment plans.

– Premium management 

It includes everything from marketing, repairs, and maintenance. In addition, they have a tax of 20% that covers rental fees. 

– Basic management 

The company charges 15% of rental income for other services. The payment varies differently; for example, you will be charged 6% for rental in a hotel apartment.

8. Provident estate

Do you want a high-quality agency that provides you with full service? The provident estate has received more awards and ranked top for a successful business with its clients. In addition, they have received many awards for property management. 

The company offers you a charge of 8% for rental income, which looks higher, but you will love its services. They have another package of 5% for maintenance service. 

9. Asteco: One of the Best Property Management Companies In Dubai

Maybe you want to deal with the oldest company in Dubai; consider Asteco, a property management company has 20 years of experience. This company operates in different places in the Middle East. It is listed as one of the best real estate companies with more than 4 plus ratings. In addition, the company has received many awards for international and Arabian property management. 

The leading service company offers property rental management, sales, and hotel apartments. If you need a house rental, you can call them for a booking. They have not stated the charges income percentage, but it is relatively affordable. The company treats its customers well; all are welcomed whether you work as a business or individual.

Summary | Property Management Companies In Dubai

Suppose you are looking for property management or renting a house for your business. In that case, the above are some of the top-performing companies. The list we provided for companies is well researched and proven by the Arabs government. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, don’t worry; this post has covered some of the real estate companies you can contact for the services you want. Make a wise decision to avoid scammers out there pretending to sell houses.

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