How to choose the right bouquet for a loved one on Valentine’s Day

Choose the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. On this day, lovers arrange surprises for each other and give gifts. And with the latter there are difficulties. If the relationship has just begun, the tastes of the other half can remain a mystery. In a long-term relationship, the situation is not easier and it seems that you have given each other everything you could.

If gift ideas for February 14 have run out, flowers come to the rescue! They are appropriate in almost any situation, they are pleasant to give and receive. The main thing is to choose the right bouquet.

Nowadays, there are countless options in traditional flower shops and on websites like To make your life a bit easier, we have collected some tips that you help you make a choice and surprise your partner.

Roses aren’t just red…

When you think of Valentine’s Day, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the magnificent red rose. They are one of the greatest symbols of love and with their unique appearance and wonderful fragrance, they provide truly romantic and passionate feelings. As a special gift to the great love, partner, or wife, they are classic and will provide powerful emotions on Valentine’s Day.

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If the red rose seems to be unoriginal, there are also yellow and orange roses that represent happiness, cheerfulness, and fulfillment in a partnership. If you are in a relatively new relationship, pink or coral roses are a perfect choice for you – they represent tender, young love as well as erotic desire.

Tulips – the flower that keeps on giving

Tulips are one of the most popular early bloomers and therefore provide a fantastic experience, especially in February. With their noble blossoms, the tulip simply delights everyone with its magnificent appearance. And as with roses, they have a diverse symbolism, which is why red tulips with their meaning for love and beauty are perfect for your Valentine’s Day token of love.

Lily’s – a tropical appeal

With their unique and enchanting blossoms, long eye-catching stems, and strong floral fragrance, lilies are also a beautiful flower gift and a brilliant choice that will make any heart race. Lilies are the epitome of beauty and femininity and are therefore very popular as a token of love to the lady of your heart. Especially red lilies stand for love and are guaranteed to impress.

White lilies stand for purity and eternal love. Accidentally, white lilies are also traditionally popular in funeral floristry. Ideal for Valentine’s Day, therefore, is a combination of white lilies and a few splashes of red roses, carnations, or gerberas, tied into an elegant bouquet.

Carnations – delicate but durable

The carnation is a symbol of passion, desire, and romance. Renaissance painters from the 15th and 16th centuries immortalized these flowers as marginal figures in their engagement scenes, and not for nothing. It’s also a fitting candidate to rekindle the passion in your relationship. But only if you need a little kick.

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Flowers for men

A rare woman does not like to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers from a loved one, friend, or colleague. Although flowers are traditionally considered a gift that a man presents to a woman, the stronger sex can also be a receiver of a bouquet.

The main recommendations for making a floral arrangement for men:

  • No fancy ribbons, nets, sequins, and other additions;
  • Choose bright, juicy colors;
  • Try to pick a composition that reflects the personality of a man;
  • Exotic flowers are more masculine than carnations or daisies;
  • Attach something else to the bouquet: tickets to a soccer match, a gift certificate for a parachute jump, etc.

If you firmly believe that a floral arrangement will make a man feel uncomfortable, present him with a potted plant: a cactus, bonsai or bamboo will perfectly decorate the home or workplace in the office.

Pick flowers that reflect your date’s personality

Imagine that you had to choose the single most attractive flowering plant out of all the varieties. Which one would you name and why? There is a high probability that intuitively you would prefer a flower with which you have some features in common. The conclusion is that the study of flowers can help in understanding not only the surrounding but also human nature.

Birth flowers

The birth flower is the one associated with your birth month – a kind of “floral zodiac sign”. Each flower represents a different quality – the most popular being the red rose (June), which symbolizes love. We will not go into more detail here but you can find a lot of material about birth flowers and their meaning online.

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Flower meanings

Speaking of flower meanings, for several hundred years, people have been using blooming gifts to communicate with each other without words. For example, the red rose stands for love and passion, while white symbolizes clarity and elegance; tulips represent profound love and are therefore perfect to give to a partner, children, or other close family members; the lily stands for femininity, transience, purity, love, and fertility; pink, white or red carnations express gratitude, love, and good luck.


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