The name “DUBAI” rings a bell of luxurious mid-rise and high rises, breath gasping pleasure parks and destinations, exotic hotels, and highlands. Maybe you are aware that Dubai is lush with glorified deserts. What you don’t know is that the deserts are among Dubai’s most extraordinary tourist attractions; sandboarding in Dubai

If you’re familiar with snowboarding, then you already know what Sandboarding entails. Just this time, it’s done on a hill of fine desert sand or dunes from varying heights and points in the desert.

Sandboarding is one of Dubai’s adventurous desert safari trips. Where you’ll glide down from high sands to valley sands.

And wow, Dubai is sand-lush, giving endless options for desert games and adventures.

In this article, you’ll know all about sandboarding in Dubai, whether it’s safe or not, and the best sandboarding Location in Dubai.

Is Sandboarding Safe?

Sandboarding is sloping down a sand Hill standing aboard. It’s a desert-based sport that involves sliding down a dune on an adapted board that is fastened to your feet. The difference between Sandboarding and snowboarding is the Snow and Sand factor.

Sandboarding is safe for kids and adults alike, however, there are necessary precautions you must take to prevent sand in your eyes and other mobile challenges that may spoil the fun. we’ll discuss that at the close of this article.

Additionally, Sandboarding is pretty easy, you have a standby instructor to guide you on how to maintain balance and maneuver your way down the dunes. 

Afterward, you can armor up on your safety equipment which includes: elbow and knee pads, headgear, and finally strap your feet on the sandboard. Bon Voyage!, to the adrenaline-gushing experience.

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Best Places to do Sandboarding in Dubai?

Sandboarding is a famed game in the Emirate and also is a lucrative business. There are numerous locations spread across the Emirates where you can have adrenaline-gushing Sandboarding. However, for preferential purposes, let’s know the top 4 Desert Safari locations in Dubai.

1. Lahbab Red Dune Desert Safari: Camel Ride, Sandboarding & BBQ

Bash some dunes in the red sands by 4WD Vehicle outside Dubai. Explore the desert and experience the bashy thrill down your spine. The Dubai Red Desert Safari offers more than Sandboarding; it serves up hospitality. You enjoy the following packages

  • Lahbab desert bashing from 30-40 minutes
  • Licensed English-speaking safari guide within a 4×4 vehicle
  • Soothe your eyes wowing to live entertainment from the very best featuring Tanura and Belly dance
  • Exotic camel rides, sandboarding, and photoshoots from the highest desert dunes
  • Your choice Selected hotel Pick-up and drop off

It’s simply safaris and an exclusively smooth experience at the red dunes

2. Premium Red Dunes, Camel Safari & BBQ at Al Khayma Camp, Dubai

Be blown away in the tranquil Arabian Desert on a half-day tour with a satisfying round trip that picks you right up from your accommodation. You are pampered all the way. Some of the care areas are listed as follows

  • You’re pick-up and drop off at your choice hotel/location
  • Transportation by 4WD air-conditioned Vehicle
  • English-speaking licensed driver
  • Sandboarding
  • Dune bashing (30-45 minutes)
  • Unlimited cold mineral water & soft drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • You’ll get 100% money back when you cancel 24 hours before the experience 

The above are some of the offers you get from the Al Khayma desert Safari. For more information on booking click here

3. Premium Desert Safari: BBQ, 3 Shows, Camel Ride, Sandboard at Majlis Camp

Are you a lover of culture, this is your chance to bash your way through a magnificent camel ride to the Majis camp for some love cultural performances which features photoshoot, belly dance, and lovely Arabic costume. You are also presented with a BBQ buffet dinner to light up your camping.

From Dubai, visit an oasis and the camel farm before watching the inviting sunset. Get your hands decorated by the Jenna tattoo. Enjoy the dinner and unlimited soft drinks. Don’t worry about your fare back, you have free drop-off and pick-up service in Central Dubai.

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Offer includes

  • liver rending Dune bashing with 4 x 4 WD SUV over gigantic Red and golden colored giant dunes
  • Exotic camel ride, henna service, and shisha pipe
  • Sand Boarding available
  • Unlimited soft drinks and water are included at the campsite.
  • ATV Quad bike – available on-site – fenceless self-drive
  • Live show- belly dance
  •  Pick up will be from centrally located hotels only if you are a single on the sunset safari program

4. Liwa Oasis Desert Drive from Abu Dhabi

It’s a 9-hour delightful drive from Abu  Dhabi into the Rub Al Khali Desert. This is the best location to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

You won’t feel the heat of the desert while being conveyed on an air-conditioned 4×4 SUV with your guide.

This is not conventional travel, it’s a phenomenal desert Safari that leaves you with a wealth of knowledge about the region’s history and culture. You stand to experience some panoramic views of the Rolling oranges dunes painting the horizon.

Get ready to giggle at the unexpected surfacing of native gazelle, cute rabbits, and desert lizards. At Palm-fringed Liwa Oasis, you relish on mouth licking picnic lunches as you set your foot back home.

Offers included as follows

  • 24hours Liwa Oasis safari from Abu Dhabi along with an expert guide
  • Travel to Liwa through the vast Rub al Khali
  • See the wilderness from and road off-road 4×4 adventure
  • Gasp at the high flying orange dunes stretching to the far horizon
  • Expect to see wildlife such as the Arabian gazelle, lizards, and rabbits
  • Savor delicious picnic lunch at a palm-fringed oasis
  • Get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the silence and undisturbed nature of the desert
  • Sandboarding available

What You Should Wear Sandboarding

Sandboarding does not Require special costumes; however, some dress patterns should be considered when you’re set for the adventure. Again you must avoid sands entering your eyes when or after Sandboarding

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Wear headgears that will serve as a protector to your hair, head, eyes and entire face as this will prevent sands from entering your eyes for health and comfort Purposes.

Sandboarding is not a call to the fashion display. Go casual and comfy In case you come tumbling after. Wear clothes that you won’t mind messing with, this will bring you to be focused on the adventure and not restricted because you want to keep tush.

Put on high-top shoes so that you can easily walk in the desert. Else, you’ll be compelled to pull off your shoes every time they’re logged from the sand. You can put on open-toed footwear to help dispel sand as soon as it gets clogged. Don’t put on sandals in the desert, you’ll feel ridiculous and sinking.

Remember, you have a guide to instruct you on the way. Firmly strap your feet to the sandboard to enable easy gliding. Wear Google to prevent sands from entering your eyes(critical)

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of SANDBOARDING IN DUBAI


No game gives you a solo opportunity like Sandboarding. And no place it’s better if not  Sandboarding in Dubai. It’s a healthy and safe adventure to indulge for kids and adults alike. You don’t have to know much before you go on Sandboarding, your instructor will guide you on the basics such as how to maintain balance and maneuver your slides. When next you’re in the Emirate, do well to stop by any of the locations and Experience the adrenaline rush for yourself.

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