Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

You guys know that there is no lack of job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Around 69 percent of people want to achieve their professional goals in the United Arab Emirates. Citizens of other countries are moving to Dubai in search of job security, job opportunities for the growth of their careers, and high salaries. With time, Dubai is becoming a dream destination for various people. Many entrepreneurs move to Dubai for a luxurious life and good career growth.

As per the report, Dubai is considered the second most popular destination for bankers from all over the world. Almost everyone has a dream of pursuing or advancing their career in a distant land, for example, Dubai and the United States. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 highest-paid jobs in Dubai -:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Average monthly salary of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is around AED 100,000. Like various other countries, the salary of the CEO is the highest-paid job in Dubai. The role of the CEO is to make the final decision for any company as he or she occupies the topmost post in the company.

He has a crucial role in making important decisions regarding all the matters within the company. Moreover, the work of the Chief Executive Officer varies according to the purpose, products, and goals of the firm but he is responsible for the overall performance of the company. The minimum need for a CEO is an undergraduate degree in their chosen profession, while some also ask for a postgraduate degree.

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2. Chief Marketing Officers

It is another highest paid job in Dubai. The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the marketing operations of an organization and works for the improvement of the brand. The Chief Marketing Officers always try to create perfect branding strategies for improving the reputation of the brand product or services. This job is considered one of the highest-paid and most demanding jobs in Dubai. To become a Chief Marketing Officer one should need a university degree in marketing, sales, or similar experience in managing a firm. The average salary of Chief Marketing Officers is around Dh95,000.

3. Public Relations Managing Director

The main role of the Public Relations Managing Director is to identify the client’s groups and determine communication. They also write effective and interesting press releases for the growth of the company and to make a reputation. As a Public Relations Managing Director, you have to raise awareness of your organization and its aims. The main role of this job is to manage the relations with the clients and agencies. The average salary of a PR Managing Director is around AED 90,000.

4. Lawyers

Lawyers have a crucial role in every country. The demand for lawyers in Dubai is increasing day by day. Lawyers generally handle the legal requirements to protect the business from legal and compliance perspectives. He looks after all the legal contractual issues and legal agreements and helps to solve disputes. To become a lawyer in Dubai, you need a law degree with the right legal qualification, and a minimum of eight-year experience is required. There are a large number of companies and organizations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and due to this, a large number of lawyers are needed to manage all their legal matters. The average monthly salary of this job is around Dh77,000.

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5. Accounting Finance Professionals

It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Dubai. Its demands are growing very fastly as they are the key trusted strategic adviser of an organization. Chief Financial Officers or CFO play an important role as they make risky decisions on some risky issues like profits, investments, finance, accounting, and delivering shareholders. For becoming a successful CFO one must have an interest in finance, accounting, and delivering shareholder value. The qualifications for CFO include Economics and Accounting Majors and an experience in handling. The average monthly salary of a CFO is Dh75,000.

6. Doctors

Not only in Dubai, but doctors have a demand all over the world. Some people consider doctors as gods because they save the lives of people. There are varieties of doctors available like specialists, neurologists, vascular surgeons, child specialists, psychiatrists, gynecologists, etc. They all have a demand in the health sector. The doctors are highly qualified and it is one of the highest-paid jobs. Doctors need a lot of experience and training. This job is highly respectable and highly paid among all. So, the average salary of a doctor is around Dh 73,000.

7. Bankers

Bankers are among the highest-paid jobs in Dubai. The Vice President for corporate banking, retail banking, branch network, and alternate channels holds a reputable position in society. They look after important decisions like long-term large-level loans, and potential investments that help to raise the profile of the bank. Bankers have a high range of salaries in Dubai. You need qualifications in accountancy and economics for this job. The average monthly salary of a banker is around Dh 70,000.

8. Engineers

There are varieties of Engineering which include senior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Their basic role is to handle construction projects. They generally look after the technical aspects of these construction projects which makes this job more crucial. To become a successful senior mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineer you must have at least an experience of 20 years. You must need certain degrees to become a good engineer. This job is one of the highest-paid jobs in Dubai which requires prominent skills to grow in the field. The average salary of an engineer is around AED 62,000.

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9. Merchandisers

This is another job that is counted among the highest-paid jobs in Dubai. Merchandisers is the head of the retail company. They normally look after some crucial decisions. Their main responsibility is to promote the company’s products and services through a range of events and activities. The average salary of a merchandiser is around Dh 55,000. To become a Merchandiser a candidate must hold a degree in marketing, business studies, or retail management.

10. Actuaries

Actuaries are jobs that involve insurance companies. They look after various data to know what lies within an event such as the risk a car will crash. They are responsible for anticipating long-term financial expenses and investment risks for several agencies. This is considered one of the highest-paid jobs in Dubai. To become an Actuary you must have a bachelor’s degree and also need strong research, problem-solving, data interpretation, and math abilities. The average salary of an actuary is around AED 55,000.


This article is all about the top 10 highest-paid jobs in Dubai. If you are interested in knowing what are the best job options in Dubai, then you can follow this article and gain some knowledge regarding the job opportunities in Dubai. I hope this article might help you in your search.

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