Advantage Of Wearing Arabic Leather Sandals 

Arabic Leather Sandals 

from genuine leather are the best and cannot even be compared to their counterparts made from artificial leather. Precisely for this reason, natural leather is used in many industries. It is also used in the fashion world by the best brands ever. 

When we go to buy shoes, we do not wait for the seller to tell us that shoes made of genuine leather are the best. In fact, we already know that this is a valuable feature of footwear. Therefore, authentic Arabic sandals are always made from genuine leather only. Indeed, Arabic sandals have many advantages, the most important of which is that they give the feet unparalleled comfort. Hence, Arabic sandals have become a global trend. However, being made of genuine leather is a strength that carries many advantages. 

Farada Sandals, for example, are one of the best Arabic sandals for men and kids because, in addition to having an Ortholite insole, which is the best insole in the world, and an abrasion- and slip-resistant TPU outsole, they make all their sandals from genuine leather. Not only that, they tan the leather through their own process in one of the best Italian tanneries, and then skilled craftsmen hand-stitch the sandals in order to preserve the properties of the leather, its natural oils, and its elasticity for as long as possible. 

Therefore, Farada Arabic sandals for kids and men are a popular choice for consumers who care about both comfort and style. 

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What Are The Advantages Of Arabic Sandals Made Of Genuine Leather?

Exceptional Durability 

The high-quality genuine leather enhances the durability of Arabic sandals, making them last as long as possible. This is especially true if the process of treating and tanning the leather is precise and elaborate, as is the case with Farada Arabic sandals. With proper care and maintenance, your leather sandals can hold up and maintain their attractive appearance for years, making them a valuable choice for you. 

Timeless And Versatile Style 

Leather Arabic sandals have a timeless and versatile style that is not subject to fleeting fashion trends that quickly fade away. Leather sandals have been essential footwear for Arabs for more than 1,400 years, and they are still developing and spreading widely after this long time. It also goes with many clothes due to the sophistication of its designs. 

At Farada, for example, you will find classic collections, modern and casual collections, and others that mix the two styles. This makes it suitable for all occasions, depending on which sandal design suits your requirements. 

Natural Ventilation 

Leather is a natural material that provides superior breathability to the feet, unlike synthetic alternatives. This natural ventilation, therefore, helps regulate temperature and humidity to keep your feet cool and comfortable, which is very suitable for hot days. Leather sandals, therefore, provide a fresh and healthy environment for your feet and reduce the accumulation of sweat and odor, reducing foot sweating and skin irritation resulting from friction. 

Custom Fit 

One of the most notable features of leather Arabic sandals is their exceptional flexibility and ability to adapt to the feet over time by gradually stretching the leather to take the shape of the foot. Therefore, you will feel that the sandals are designed specifically for you, which greatly enhances the comfort of your feet and also reduces common foot problems, such as blisters, marks, and skin irritation caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. 

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Easy Maintenance 

When you buy expensive footwear, you usually buy detergents to use thoroughly and periodically to clean it. But leather Arab sandals do not require a lot of effort to clean. You can just use a lightly damp cloth and wipe them two or three times a week, depending on your use. This is all it takes to maintain the supple leather texture and great color. Therefore, you will not put much effort into taking care of your pair of leather sandals. 

Maintaining Environmental Sustainability 

Environmental awareness has increased significantly in recent years, and we, as consumers, have come to know that there are always environmentally friendly options. Natural leather is the best choice for sustainability if it is ethically sourced. 

Farada uses nubuck, calfskin, and other leathers that are a waste of other industries, such as the meat industry and a wealth of the fashion industry, in order to reduce and benefit from waste. Plastics take many years to decompose, but natural leather, recycled rubber, and reusable materials reduce the negative environmental impact and maintain sustainability. Thus, we get our own benefit from leather and give the environment a public benefit. 

To Sum Up 

Natural leather Arabic sandals are the best choice for shoppers who pay equal attention to style and comfort. They incorporate important elements such as durability, breathability, versatility, timeless style, ease of maintenance, environmental friendliness, and sustainability. Also, Arabic sandals are not a trend that will fade away after a few months; rather, they reflect a heritage that has extended and will extend for years. 

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You can visit the Farada website to view Arabic sandals for men and kids and other leather goods. You can also order from anywhere in the world. 

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