Are high-end watches cheaper in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned throughout the world as one of the most extravagant and posh cities on the planet. It serves as a center for designer clothing, jewelry, and expensive watches. From all around the world, a large number of people travel to Dubai to shop for these items at lower costs than they would pay elsewhere. But are luxury timepieces truly worth buying in Dubai? There are a number of reasons why the answer is yes!

Why are high end watches cheaper in Dubai?

Firstly, Dubai is a tax-free city, which means that the prices of goods are significantly lower than other cities. This is due to the absence of sales tax and value-added tax (VAT), which can add up to a sizable sum when purchasing luxury watches. In comparison to buying an identical watch in other countries, you can potentially save money by choosing to buy a high-end watch in Dubai. Second, as Dubai is a duty-free city, imported expensive watches are not subject to customs taxes. This has the important benefit of enabling some shops to give customers lower prices.

Last but not least, Dubai is home to some of the best luxury watch brands in the world. As such the market is quite competitive and the array of options to choose from is huge. You can find some amazing brands that offer exquisite watches at a wide range of prices, including Tufina. Tufina is one of the top luxury watch companies in the industry. Their German luxury watches are popular for their fine workmanship and intriguing designs. The company sells a variety of high-end watches made in Germany, including tourbillons, automatics, and chronographs. The brand’s timepieces are prized by fans of high-end watches for their precision, sturdiness, and dependability.

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Tufina watch prices in Dubai

If you are in Dubai, then there is no doubt that you must have heard about the attractive luxury watch prices here. Tufina watches are available for sale at many stores across countries worldwide. But the thing that makes it special here is the fact that you have plenty of options and convenient prices on all of them. Whether you’re searching for an expensive tourbillon or a more reasonably priced automatic watch, there is a Tufina watch for every budget.  Here’s all you need to know about it.

Prices of popular luxury watch models

In order to make it easier to understand, we are going to list some of the popular Tufina watches in Dubai and their pricing.

Tufina Casablanca Theorema GM-101-7

Tufina Casablanca Theorema

Currently, there are around 14 versions of the Tufina Casablanca Theorema available. The stainless steel model is available via retail stores for a price of around AED 1,281. This is by far one of the best prices you can find for such a well-made luxury watch. 

Tufina Buenos Aires Theorema GM-114-9

Tufina Buenos Aires Theorema

Buenos Aires Theorema is one of the most popular Tufina watches you can buy, with a retail price of only AED 1,281. In Dubai, the most popular models are generally gold, or black skeleton dialed models with a leather bracelet. 

Tufina St. Petersburg Theorema GM-121-3A

Tufina St. Petersburg Theorema

Tufina St. Petersburg is one of the most sought-after watches. Available in different color schemes, the watch has an in-house movement that operates at 21,600 beats per hour (6 beats per second). The watch is also fairly water resistant, which means it can withstand rain and humidity. At a retail store in Dubai, a St. Petersburg Theorema can cost around AED 1,355.

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Tufina Boston Theorema GM-518-3

Tufina Boston Theorema

Among many watch enthusiasts, the Tufina Boston has always been the top pick. It is all because of its elegant design and German precision. It’s one of the most sought-after models in the world, with a price of AED 4,367. If you’re looking to add this piece of history to your collection, you should go ahead and buy one from Dubai without blinking an eye. 

Tufina Chicago Pionier P7002-2

Tufina Chicago Pionier

Tufina Chicago is a classic watch and one of the company’s most popular models. This model has a black dial with gold numerals, hour markers and hands. In the UAE, you can get a Chicago Pionier for AED 3,195. The 44mm watch is hard to get hold of as many people rush to get it whenever it is back on stock.

Why buy a Tufina in Dubai?

Tufina watch prices in Dubai are not all that different from around the world at least in terms of retail. However, when you come from other countries you might notice some differences in the pricing when you look at the Dubai luxury market. With that being said, you should not just buy a Tufina from Dubai just because of its price. You should prefer buying it from the Middle East because of the sheer number of options available. Here, you will even be able to find the rarest, most special watches on the market. The relatively better pricing is just the icing on the cake. 

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