5 Desi-Night Night Clubs in Dubai with Bollywood Vibes

You tell me what you feel whenever the word “DUBAI” goes off.

For me, it’s not the sky-watching high rises or the jaw-popping pleasure parks and skydives.

For a party geek like myself, I’m all down for the Nightlife in Dubai nightclubs. And if you share in my passion, you’ll appreciate what bliss nightclubs in Dubai bring.

Right now, I bring your way a special gist about 5 Desi Night–Night Clubs in Dubai with Bollywood Vibes to satisfy your cravings ranging from Ladies’ night out, kinky adult desires, and couples goals.

So, hang tight, this is gonna be a long ride.

5 Desi Night Night Clubs in Dubai with Bollywood Vibes

Take a break and let’s show you 5 Desi Night Night Clubs in Dubai with Bollywood Vibes:

  • Chingari
  • Simbly South
  • Boudoir Club
  • Raat baaki
  • Mood Night club

#1. Chingari

When you hear Chingari Dubai, you should brace up for chills and goosebumps are about to hit you. According to reviews, this is the most happening nightclub in Dubai.

The liveliness in Changari attracts young stars from all over Dubai for its thrilling ambiance. Whatever you are down for, food, drinks, or fun time–you’re only for high life.

Dance to your favorite tune and tap out to your best beats, in songs not limited to DJ mixes of Bollywood songs and other Punjabi and Indian tunes. 

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Relieve stress and tension Nas you shout for exciting in-house live performers ranging from disco, Bollywood mixes, and techno.

You’re at Chingari only for its food, performances, and celebrating special days.

  • Reviews(Google):  3.4
  • Address: Avari Dubai Hotel,  45C St, Deira, Dubai
  • Phone: +971 4 295 6666
  • Open From: 8:00 PM To 3:00 AM
  • Music Type: English, Indian Desi
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Outlet Features: LIVE DJ, LIVE

#2. Simbly South Dubai 

Simbly South is a mobile-like brand; its direction changes for every event. However, one thing is sure; it’s Simply South. Catch this quirky fun house every  Saturday and Friday nights.

Do you love the luxury life? Then you have it. It features movie premiere after-parties and yacht parties. Get to appreciate the live performers from both big names and upcoming artists in the locality.

Simbly South is all about South Indian music with Bollywood vibes. 

Enjoy crazy moments when their DJs unleash everything on the dance floor, including Mollywood, Kollywood, high-octane bass, and Dravidian massive bass.

At Simbly South, you’ll meet people, laugh, and experience hard-core dancing, and the crowd’s energy.

  • Reviews(Google): 4.1
  • Address: Level 34–Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Eve Penthouse, Dubai.
  • Phone: +971 56 365 2981
  • Music Type: English, Indian Desi
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Outlet Features: LIVE DJ, LIVE

#3. Boudoir Club

When last did you feel a heartbeat melt due to an interior design? Lighting effects? Well, Boudoir Club does that to your heart, this time, with a touch of awe.

Arguably the number one classy nightclub in Dubai. Get in Boudoir and be serenaded with its relaxing atmosphere and get spoilt by the staff. They provide quick service and you get nothing less than lavished nights in Dubai.

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Hello ladies, because Tuesday is ladies’ night, and you’re entitled to 2-3 complimentary drinks.

DJs are here to bring out your best and you jive to Bollywood songs. Also, Desi’s music and beats create a whole great vibe.

  • Ratings(Google): 3.6
  • Phone: +971 56 441 4578
  • Address: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah St, Jumeirah 1, Dubai.
  • Entry price: free
  • Dress code: casual dress
  • Opening hours:
    • Tuesday-Saturday: 9:00 am-3:00 am, 
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am-3:00 am
  • Music: DJ, English, International, Indian.
  • Busy night: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

#4. Raat baaki

As the first, biggest, and best, Raat baaki reeks of exclusive nightclubs and lounges, plus fancy couching and stylish interiors.

The first thing Raat baaki does is to draw your attention at a glance– with a spacious dance floor that gets you dancing without music.

Don’t mind bringing your loved ones here for a night’s spoilout because it’s a haven for couples.

As couples are concerned, your taste buds will thank you for trying out delicious Indian cuisines and drinks to flush things down. With a VIP area, you wouldn’t like to miss out.

Don’t forget about the resident DJs who do nothing else but cunning with beats to hype the hell off your legs.

  • Ratings(Google): 4.6
  • Contact: +971-55-4269237
  • Address: 200 Khalid Bin Waleed St; Al Karama; Dubai.
  • Entry price: free
  • Dress code: casual, smart, elegant, modern.
  • Opening hours: 8:00 pm-3:00 am (daily)
  • Music: DJ, Indian
  • Busy night: Saturday, Sunday

#5. Mood Nightclub

Hey naughty, let’s talk night mood.

Yeah, plus all the cravings that follow– Mood Night Club in Dubai brings your fantasy to reality.

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Beginning from the mouth-watering Indian cuisine coupled with drinks and beverages will make you come multiple times.

Which supplies you enough energy for the rest of the night. Because the Disco is Bollywood, you can’t resist one or two moves. 

Also, there is something for the highness game such as Shisha, drinks, and more music, giving you the best nightlife in Dubai.

  • Ratings(Google): 3.2
  • Address: St, Deira, Dubai
  • Entry price: free
  • Dress code: casual dresses
  • Opening hours: 6:00 pm-3:00 am (daily)
  • Music: DJ, English, Arabic, Indian, International
  • Busy night: Friday, Saturday
  • Phone: +971 4 255 5995


#1. What is the most elite club in Dubai?

The most elite club in Dubai is The Ambassadors Club with the most exclusive lifestyle and business club in Dubai.

#2. Best clubs for hookups in Dubai?

Here are some nightclubs in Dubai where you can meet singles:

  • BLU Dubai
  • Zero Gravity Dubai
  • 1OAK
  • SKY 2.0 Dubai


There is a whole lot of adrenaline gush in the nightlife when you party in the Dubai nightclubs–most especially when you hit up 5 Desi Night Night Clubs in Dubai with Bollywood Vibes.

Whatever your taste for a nightclub is, you’ve got them sorted out for you at Dubai nightclubs. Why not visit South Dubai this weekend and let’s meet at Simbly South Dubai? it going to be lit.

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