How to Check Du Number and Sim Owner in UAE

Check Du Number

Du is the second-largest telecom company in UAE, with millions of postpaid and prepaid users. Therefore, queries about SIM ownership are common—so let’s learn some simple answers to these questions.

4 Methods to Check Your Du Number

Du number is the unique code provided by du to its customers. It is used for any communication with the customer care department or any other department of Du. The du number can be checked in the following ways:

Method1: Dial *116#

This method requires you to have an active line with Du. Suppose you are a new user, please follow the instructions below:

Dial *116# and wait for the prompt, then enter your SIM card number (the number on your SIM card is written as XXXX-XXXXX) (10 digits). 

Then enter your security PIN (the default pin is 0000). Your phone number will be displayed. If your phone number is not displayed, please try again by following the instructions again.

Method2: Call or SMS

Suppose your sim has enough balance to send an SMS or make a missed call; you may do so by typing any number into the cell phone. The contact will immediately appear on their screen. In this way, they can check Du’s number quickly and easily when needed if they have no credit.

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Method3: Contact Customer Care

If you want to know about your Du Number, then you can contact their customer care at 0097143905555. For this, you need to call the given number. The customer care executive will help you in this regard. 

You have to tell him that you want to check your SIM details or mobile number. He will ask for your SIM serial number and will tell you about it. Now, if you have any doubt regarding it, then he will also clear all your doubts.

Method4: Check Du Number WhatsApp

You can also check Du number and Sim owner details through WhatsApp by sending a message on WhatsApp to your friend who has a Du sim card in their phone. Their reply will contain a message like ‘Hi, This Is Your SIM Owner’s Name.’ 

However, this method is not applicable to all users as some people are still not able to see this feature in their smartphones even after updating their operating systems, such as Android 8 Oreo or iOS 11, etc. But if you have updated your OS recently, then try this method out as well because it might work for you too.

Terms and Conditions

  • For more information call 155.
  • You can check only the active sim, but not for inactive ones.
  • The code above may be invalid if Du is not using the latest version.
  • You can find out who owns a UAE mobile number, where it is registered, and what location the SIM card comes from by calling customer support.
  • This offer is valid in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates.
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You can check if a number is in use using its dialing code. You can also check if it’s a local number or a long distance. To get the details about a dialing number, first, enter that number on your phone keypad. Then the other options that are mentioned above will show up on your screen. 

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