#1 Dubai International Stadium: Venue of the Future

About Dubai International Stadium

This is the place for you when looking for the best stadium in Dubai to host your players or watch games. In this article, we spent hours researching one of the top stadiums around here that you will love to see. Most of them have unique and attractive designs that you have not seen anywhere in the world.

The capacity of most of the stadiums we discuss ranges between 10 000 to 30 000 spectators. The stadium is well secured, and you don’t have to panic about your safety. Read below to see more stadiums with their benefits.

All you need to get about Dubai International stadium 

Dubai is listed among the best crickets stadium in the world and carry more fans compared to any other cricket stadium. 

As discussed, the stadium’s popularity impressed more people and gave you a good reputation based on the team. Each stadium’s venue is where you can get directions or drive a few kilometers to it. The sports facility provides the best for fans and players to enjoy the place, and you will not regret it. Dubai is among the best cities in the world; it also provides a good stadium for sports like cricket and football. 


Almost all the stadiums in Dubai are built by international standards. It all looks beautiful and attracts different people around the world to come and witness how wonderful it looks.

Apart from crickets, those stadiums have added the advantage of different events that can take place here. The capacity of most stadiums was designed to carry different people worldwide to come and witness historical stadiums around this city.

The outstanding performance of the Dubai stadium

The international crickets held in Dubai could give you a better and standing look. Many matches are being played in Dubai stadiums because they are made of modern shapes. 

Most of the world cup cricket games are played in those stadiums. Entertainment of different kinds can be hosted in those stadiums. If you are looking for a better playground, consider taking advantage of this. 

Top 5 international stadiums in Dubai

1. The Sevens stadium 

This is one of the finest stadiums in Dubai, made with millions to make it look attractive inside. It takes you a few like 40 minutes from Dubai international airport. This place hosts other events throughout the year, and you are assured of the tight security here. 

Every year this place attracts many people across the world. There is a parking space you can come in your car and get a place for it. You don’t have to panic since an attractive hotel here will serve you well. This stadium is ideal for hosting different games.

NameThe Sevens stadium
AddressAl Ain Road, E66 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact No+97148096605


It is located in the Zabeel district and has one of the best international stadiums worldwide. It offers you the services and all facilities required in the gaming place. This stadium can hold many spectators, and you will need to get a lesson from it on how perfect this stadium was built to attract thousands of people. 

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Address6898+3XP – شارع – Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact No+971 4 324 3333

3. Al Maktoum Stadium

This stadium has a traditional layout, and the van allows you to enter inside with your family. This is one of the amazing stadiums to watch football. It has a capacity that carries more than 15,000 spectators. This is a versatile sports arena that is mainly used for gaming.

NameAl Maktoum Stadium
AddressOud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact No+97143375500

4. Meydan Racecourse and grandstands 

This is one of the best stadiums in Dubai and was built to serve different sports. The structure impresses fans and is located 1.5 kilometers from crescent shape solar panel. It makes it eco-friendly for all people. 

This is one of the world’s largest stadiums, with 60000 spectators for a single game. It has a parking space that can accommodate more than 8000 vehicles, and security is tight; you don’t have to worry anymore. There are sporting venues that can host different game events here. 

NameMeydan Racecourse and grandstands 
AddressAl Meydan Rd – Nad Al Sheba – Nad Al Sheba 1 – Dubai
Contact No+97143272110

5. Dubai international stadium 

Don’t forget about this beautiful playground when looking for a stadium in Dubai to host the game. The home of matches in Dubai carries more people. Various events can be held in this beautiful stadium.

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NameDubai international stadium
AddressSheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai Sports City – Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions of Dubai international stadium 


When looking for the best international stadium, this article has briefed you on the most important things you will need to look at. Cricket ball is the common game here, and you will find the standard stadium for that. However, most of the stadiums here in Dubai are made international look and can serve you the best with your player. Everything you want about the stadium you will get to enjoy here is what is required for most people. When looking to enjoy the cool environment while watching, consider looking at those super stadiums in Dubai. The more you search, the better to access those stadiums that are recognized worldwide. 

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