Why Sharjah Cricket is the Best Stadium in 2022

When looking for the best stadium in the world, don’t forget to mention Sharjah crickets. The most iconic stadium to hold the world crickets game. It has all the capacity and builds with the most attractive infrastructure. There are various things you would like to know and why most of the people in Dubai prefer Sharjah crickets in 2022. Read below to get more information.

Perfect pitch

You will need to know about various things and affairs for the Sharjah stadium. It seems incredible and has a hot betting temperature. If you want to enjoy your day watching cricket, then this is the proper stadium for you to consider.

Sharjah was made to meet all the needs of the cricket players; they can now enjoy the ground that was made for them. The stadium has all it takes to ensure historical stadium remains one of the most attractive in the world.

Sharjah hit all the records

If you want to enjoy the crickets’ beauty, consider this fantastic pitch. The stadium is named one of the top in the world and offer various service inside; you don’t have to worry about your security anymore in this stadium.


The stadium was built in the early 1980s and has been among the best in Dubai. Most of the international cricket games are being held here. When you search on the map of Sharjah stadium, you will be able to get this one, which offers you the dedication you want. This stadium has been developed for cricket games only and, since the 80s, has been one of the tops you would like to consider here in Dubai. History has been made as one of the stadiums ranked top worldwide.

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NameSharjah Cricket Stadium
AddressSecond Industrial St – Industrial Area – Industrial Area 5 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Contact No+97165422991

Facts you need to know

  • The stadium was considered one of the excellent venues in 2021 for the men’s world cup, held in Dubai. The ground looks decent, and you will like to get enjoyment here with your friends.
  • This stadium also was used to host the inaugural edition of the year 2018 world cup, in which India and Pakistan played.
  • The stadium entered into the excellent record for the Guinness in 2011, which was held here.
  • The sitting capacity for the stadium is 16000 people, and it has parking that can accommodate different vehicles.
  • Sharjah crickets were one of the top stadiums in Dubai and held champions
  • The stadium used to host international games, which is why most players in the world are familiar with it.
  • The stadium is also known for being played matches without a home team
  • Sharjah has a history, which is why most cricket players realize it as one of the best in history.
  • Sharjah gives hope to every cricket lover to enjoy the game, which is why most players love playing in this stadium.
  • For the record, Sharjah is only the international stadium that hosts the maximum number of crickets worldwide.
  • Crickets have a long history for players worldwide, and more is known about this Sharjah stadium.
  • It can hold various participants and is well known as a cultural sport for the Arabs.
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Did You Know?

Guinness World Record Broken at Sharjah Cricket Stadium

The Sri Lanka-Afghanistan game was the stadium’s 281st international contest. And as a result, the stadium was able to surpass the previous Guinness World Record for hosting the most international cricket games.

In addition to this, Sharjah Cricket Stadium is the site of the most One-Day Internationals played at a single location, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

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This article discusses some of the best ways you can enjoy your cricket game while in Dubai. Sharjah, as explained in this post, gives you the freedom to enjoy watching. Cricket is among the most valuable matches in Arabs, and some of the pitches are well made with a fantastic look to give you all you want. Get to know all the facts as commended in this post to help you get to watch your coming cricket in this world. You have all the details above.

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