Innovations in Electric Wheelchair Technology: What’s Available in the UAE?

Advancements in technology

With advancements in technology, everything is being replaced by new ones. No doubt what is being created is beneficial and much more creative than its previous version. Advancement in any field leads to a country’s progress.

This time Manafethme has made more progress just because of its newly invented electric wheelchairs. The company is now known to be the most wheelchair-selling brand. It’s all because of the latest technologies and innovative features that have been installed in electric wheelchairs. 

The criteria they follow are not random. It’s based on some qualitative values that are much preferable to other gains. 

What Manafethme Provides to UAE Wheelchair Customers

Since the demand for power wheelchairs has increased, Manafethme has worked a lot to add more new types of wheelchairs. They developed more electric wheelchairs in different varieties that have the latest features installed in them.

In addition to the previous variety visible you can now also buy or rent Manafethme new automated wheelchairs. These wheelchairs surely have something distinctive in them functionally and structurally compared to the previous ones.

The demand for power wheelchair assistive technology is fulfilled by this company on a regular basis. Manafethme is proud to state that now they are capable enough to support the whole of UAE with their product quality and quantity. 

Latest innovations 

  • Efficient battery usage

While renting or buying Manafethme customers frequently ask questions regarding battery timing or lifespan of batteries used. Manafethme have provided best electric wheelchairs with batteries that are long-lasting and dependable. These batteries enable extended time period use of wheelchairs, once you have fully charged it.

  • Portable and foldable automated wheelchair
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Manafethme company provides foldable electric wheelchairs for sale. This feature is useful for those who plan for outdoor activities or tours and trips. Folding back the wheelchair helps you free up space in your vehicle when the wheelchair is not used.

  • Weight capacity

While making wheelchairs keeping the weight capacity in consideration is the most important factor. Different wheelchairs that can lift different weight capacities are recreated. Frame making is also considered important because its frame on which the safety of a wheelchair ride depends.

  • Use of Lightweight Material 

In making advanced wheelchairs Manafethme has made sure not to use heavy material. This is because heavy material is difficult to handle. They have manufactured powered vehicles and scooters with light material. Light material enables you to handle it smoothly and swiftly. You can carry and transfer it anywhere you want.

  • Heavy-duty automated wheelchairs

For those people who are handicapped but still need to work regularly, Manafethme provides specially designed heavy-duty wheelchairs. They’re made special by installing all those features that help while dealing with hard tasks.

  • Automatic Features

In some specially designed wheelchairs, automatic wheelchairs have been added. These features being automatic are activated themselves in case of any mishap to provide safety. For example, automatic brakes are applied when in need to stop suddenly.

Some other new features or innovations are listed below that have been added to wheelchair production. They are as follows

  • Cost-effective
  • High durability
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Reliable and dependable automated wheelchair
  • Adjustable feature
  • High-quality, material usage
  • Early adoption to your wheelchair
  • Eco Friendly
  • Safe to environment
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Apart from this many other replacements and extra characteristics are added to Manafethme newly manufactured products. Manafethme still is working to bring a more and more advanced net and create something that’s worth appreciating and is beneficial to its users. You can visit the Manafethme website to check the latest electric wheelchairs.

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