7 Things To Expect When Moving To Singapore

Things To Expect When Moving To Singapore

Singapore, also known as The Lion City (Singapura) is one of the most unique places in the world. Its booming economy and shipping lanes make Singapore a hot destination for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. The country has a rich and vibrant history and culture making it a popular tourist destination as well!

There are plenty of reasons to want to move to this bustling country but there are a few things to keep in mind. Whether you’re planning on moving to Singapore, or are curious about the country, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 things to expect as someone new to Singapore to keep you in the loop!

  1. Everything is clean

The rumors are true, Singapore upholds its worldwide reputation of being super clean! The first thing you’ll notice about the country as you step off the plane is the cleanliness. You may find it a bit shocking at first, but you’ll get used to it soon enough, especially if you want to avoid an expensive fine! Singapore’s history of keeping things clean goes back to the 1980s and to this day you can still get fined SGD $300 for littering! If you’re someone who appreciates clean roads, sidewalks, and public bathrooms, you’re going to love Singapore!

  1. The prices are high

The second thing you’re going to notice about Singapore is that things are very pricey! Even after Covid, Singapore has the second highest millionaire density in Asia. Everything from living costs to groceries to property is priced higher. When moving to Singapore, you’ll need a good property agency and agent to help you find a good deal for your home. You’ll also need to make sure you have a job waiting for you before you land!  Make sure to do your research and look up the costs of living in Singapore to avoid a rude awakening when you get there!

  1. Public transport is in!
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Another interesting thing to note about Singapore is its sound public transport. Like everything else in the country, public transport in Singapore is pristine and efficient. The bus and train routes are well-connected and cheap, making them perfect for getting around the towns and countryside. Many locals opt for taking the bus instead of driving as buying and owning a car in Singapore is tricky and expensive. Making use of the public transport system is a great way to cut down on the cost of living in Singapore!

  1. Health care is excellent

Aside from outstanding public transport, Singapore also offers excellent universal healthcare! The three parts of the healthcare system cover citizens, permanent residents, and their families. MediFund covers citizens while MediSave and MediShield Life cover permanent residents and their spouses, children, or parents. You can expect to get excellent medical care in Singapore but it does come at a cost. Everyone is required to pay monthly towards their healthcare savings account to help them access medical care.

  1. You’re safe in Singapore

Aside from the general cleanliness and good medical care, Singapore is regarded as a very safe place to live in. Ranking 4th in the World’s Safest Countries study, you’ll be hard-pressed to feel unsafe in Singapore. Thanks again to the country’s strict laws, harsh punishments for lawbreakers keep crime at bay. Caning, imprisonment, and even death are common sentences that help keep the peace and deter crime. The only downside of such a rigid system is that being gay is a punishable crime in Singapore, so keep that in mind. 

  1. No alcohol after 10:30 pm
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An interesting fact about Singapore is that after a tragic event in 2013, alcohol sales were banned between the hours of 10.30 pm and 7 am. This ban was a response to the Little India Riot Where after a drunk bus driver fatally hit a pedestrian, an angry mob formed and attacked the driver and bus. After this, alcohol sales were banned in supermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol stations. To avoid catching an expensive fine, buy your drinks earlier or stay home!

  1. Multicultural melting pot

Singapore has a unique cultural and ethnic demographic. The country is a bit of an anomaly among Asian countries as English is one of the main spoken languages. Other widely spoken languages are Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil. There is even a new language that evolved from the years of different influences called ‘Singlish’! Singapore is an especially attractive destination for both English-speaking and non-English-speaking ex-pats alike! With over 1.64 million ex-pats and foreigners living there, it’s easy to see why Singapore is such an inviting destination!

So there you have it! Singapore is an incredibly clean country, with high prices and excellent public transport and health care. It’s one of the safest places in the world to live, but buying alcohol after 10 pm is hard to come by. Keep these points in mind if you ever decide to move to this multicultural capital of the East!

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