The UAE is a world of surprises and wonders. It takes up the Common everyday lifestyle and serves it as an uncommon experience. One of such wonders as seen in the ability to transform once dreadful deserts into a frequent delightful destination for recreation and enjoyment; is the Desert Cafés.

Among the numerous Desert Cafés in the UAE are the top 3 Desert Café you should try out this winter.

If you had difficulty choosing which is the best dessert cafés in the UAE, you won’t struggle to do that between these 3 top-notches.

Top 3 Desert Café in the UAE in a Nutshell

  • Not a Space
  • The Uncommon Café
  • Link by Mara

Here you’ll know their type of service delivery, their location, and opening Days/hours. So that you’ll have an opportunity to reach out to your best fully chested.



Make this winter an unforgettable one at Not a Space. The Not a Space team has put together a delighted Pop-up desert hangout spot in Sharjah, Al Faya. Where you experience stargazing sights and insta-worthy moments. The backdrop from the most popular mountains in the UAE makes the experience extra spectacular, with a restful sunset view.

The sitting space is decorated with bean bags, picnic tables, and plastic chairs that are encompassed by a food truck-style cafe with a circular stage.

At Not a Space, the evening doesn’t connote show over, it’s just the start of it. The solar-powered globes and lamps give the campsite a lit-up, oozing out vibrant vibes. With inviting merriments sponsored by shots-worthy drinks, delightful desserts, and varieties of light snacks on the menu. Be ready to nod off to the local artist’s leg tapping music and dance performances

There’s a location of the Not a Space development called the MUWAILEH FACILITY. If the pop-up location didn’t have you on time, you can stop by at the MUWAILEH facility and experience a tush hairdo at the barbershop or women’s salon. Or savor in the tantalizing cafe. Here you indulge In events such as music, yoga, art and meetups.

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At NOT A SPACE venue you get the following


Take a delightful bite of Croissants, flatbreads, and Kiri Dani Snacks available at the cafe. For sweets, you have caramel popcorns, custard cups, chocolate cereals, and more. Make a choice on which you’ll sip ranging from coffee, tea, and shakes. Or you can take on the patron’s favorite; The Flat White, Chocolate Cookies, and Hibiscus Iced Tea.

The Ladies Parlor And Men’s Barber Shop

Show yourself some love at Not a Space Ladies Parlor. Give your hair the latest touch at the barbershop. Here you’ll enjoy Top-notch manicure. You can also get some beauty treatment, at AED165 for facials and AED 80 for a relaxing foot massage.


Al Faya Pop-up Location is situated at Al Batayeh – Al Faya Road – Sharjah

Muwaileh Location is situated at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Road – Industrial Area – Muwaileh Commercial – Sharjah.


The Not a Space Al Faya Pop-up is open every day from 6:00 am to 2:00 am until March.

The Muwailih facility openings

Cafe from 6:00 am to 12:00 am

Barbershop and beauty Parlour from 09:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Entrance Fee to Not a Space 

Entrance is free however, you’ll be chargeable for services and treatments.


The Sharjah Desert houses an uncommon Newly launched pop-up Café that will leave you gasping in delight. It’s among the top 3 Desert Café in the UAE that is a hot spot for specialty coffee. The Uncommon is all decked with mirrors to reflect and zoom in on the beauty of the environment. Meticulously planned out, it’s with only one entrance and exit so that the activities won’t spoil the composure of the view at the mirror settlement.

One impossible thing to wink at is the huge mirror kitchen that reflects the Sharjah Desert. It has rolling desert dunes and comfy chairs where you retire after some insta-worthy shots to sip cute coffee. The uncommon is an amazing parcel of marvel from a 25-year-old Entrepreneur, Fawagee Al Mana. 

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The kind of service you get from the UNCOMMON

Cute Coffee/ Light Bites

For now, the Uncommon Café makes available a cute Coffee Menu to soothe the buds. Savor a variety of hot and cold beverages including the red velvet desert lattes and blue sky cappuccinos and more. With each gulp fine-blended with 60% love, 70% friendliness, and 80%  comfort_to bliss Your day.

Also, enjoy the light bites available on the menu ranging from mouth-watering pastries like tiramisu to the peckish with mind giggling treats to nibble on. Remember, baked goods are set for the chew.


The Uncommon Coffee Shop is located  at 115/60, Mahafiz – Al Fayah Road

Mahafiz, Al Batayeh


Relish on this spot of daily refreshment from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Entrance Fee

The Uncommon coffee shop is an instagrammable pop-up destination, people flock to secure the best spots. You can skip the queue in the requeue app. However, conventional entrance is free, you’re Chargeable for the service you are provided.


If you ask me, this is my top list among the three. Link by Mara seems to pop out overnight and gained its ground in the world of the Deserts Cafés in the UAE. It’s an invitation to dine out in the winter in a sunken booth style sitting dug on the ground, which brings about oneness with the desert. It comprises 13 booths in total with varying sizes that are allocated according to group sizes.

Each booth carries the least 10 to 16 persons at a healthy social distance with a burning fire stand in the center for personal grilling.

Link by Mara Serves up International Street Food and Drinks

Link by Mara oozes out a high spirit from its portable kitchen serving a wide variety of international fusion street food with creative hot drinks. You won’t wish there’s a need for a menu upgrade. You’re stuffed with a tempting list of mouth-watering delicacies. And Pizzas on the menu_guys. Also enjoy tantalizing kinds of pasta, and burgers, Or dish out some Korean chicken pops and spiced edamame. Here you get to taste the creative hot drinks from Link by Mara. Link by mara is an extension of the minds behind Mara Lounge in Al Zahia at Sharjah. And Mara Restaurant and Lounge in Wasl 51.

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No dull atmosphere at the link by Mara, you flow to the DJ-like entertainment to keep your emotions in a rhythmic motion. 

Also, it’s a plan to spice up the show by introducing classic cars. Look out for air-conditioning domes in the setting to appease the atmospheric temperature.


Link by Mara is spotted on Sharjah sustainable city, Um Fannain, Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


Link by Mara runs on weekdays from 4 PM to 2 AM and on weekends from 4 PM to 3 AM. 

You can contact +971 50 871 9882 for booth booking.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


When are you dropping by this winter, don’t forget to come along with your camera? There’ll be more picturesque views than you’ve read about and more to be wowed with. You can’t afford to Miss out on anyone. You can be anywhere, However, for an etched in blissful memory on the top 3 Desert Cafés in the UAE, it’s either Not a Space, The Uncommon, or Link by Mara.

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