Churches in Dubai You Must Have To Visit

Churches in Dubai – Building Together a New Religion

Does Dubai have churches? The short response is yes. Despite Dubai being an Islamic dominance, some small communities and religions are well catered to in the city. Whenever you step into Dubai and are non-Muslim, minsters for Christians are well spread throughout the city, although not as mosques.

Dubai is a holy city, and every person has a right to worship and restore their soul. Today, this article will explore some of the houses of worship in Dubai and their different localities in the urban area. Whether you are new to this town or residing and searching for a place to worship, continue reading to know more churches.

Topmost 9 Places of Churches in Dubai

Whether you’re planning to have a trip to learn further about basilicas or seek to know the nearby ministry to attend church service, let’s commence.

1. United Christian Church

It is situated at the Dubai Evangelical Church Center. The church, initiated in 1962 for foreign non-Muslims who relocated to the UAE, is a living symbol of Dubai’s stunning architecture and appreciation for all ethnicities. Individuals meet here on Friday’s sunrise for ordinary morning sermons.

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2. St. Mary’s Catholic Church

It is located at 247 Oud Metha. The basilica started in 1967, and is one of the ancient churches in town. As more Catholics fled in Dubai, the church was demolished and reconstructed (1988). It is an excellent indicator of Dubai’s architectural genius and is nestled in the city’s heart. The magnificence will take your breath away!

3. Pentecostal Church

It is found in Al Barsha. The church is among Dubai’s most significant religious institutions. Historically referred to as the King’s Revival Church International. Preaches delivered occasionally and brags of so many supernatural deeds. Attend the church mass for those great energies, reunite with your soul, and replenish yourself.

4. Emirates Baptist Church International

The basilica situated at the Grand Excelsior Hotel, Dubai. This temple, started in 1997 by 28 worshippers, is a lovely illustration of Dubai’s cultural variety. Tour the destination for a divine excursion unlike any other

5. The New Covenant Church Dubai

It is believed to continue the New Testament Gospels’ mission. They are doing miracles, and curing is a demonstration of this. It is an up-to-date Christian doctrine, laid the basis for Full Gospel ministries. It claims that “speaking in tongues” is the only way to baptize the Gift of faith.

 Baptism is a regular part of every Full Gospel Church’s prayer session. As a result, New Covenant Church in Dubai is categorized as a Pentecostal religious community. The basilica is situated at the Holy Trinity Church, Oud Metha Rd.


The basilica is found at the Holy Trinity Church, Oud Metha Rd. It is a South Indian Diocese in Dubai founded in 1975. In the era, Bishop of Madhya Kerala Cathedral, Reverend T.S. Joseph, approved building of that temple.

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The Deceased Reverend Philip Sturdy had a significant impact on the church. Three permanent clergies currently serve it and congregations come from Kerala’s six dioceses.


It is one of the well-known Catholic basilicas in town since it was dedicated by Bishop Bernard Gremoli in November 2001. Today, Bishop Paul Hinder leads the Parish, a separate management territory with its congregation and clergy.

Opposite Al Muntazah, Sheikh Zayed Rd, the basilica is situated. It is easily accessible via cab or automobile from the Jebel Ali junction (Ibn Battuta Metro station). The church serve many place like;

  • Jumeirah
  • Jebel Ali Gardens
  • Jebel Ali Village
  • Jebel Ali Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Industrial Area
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone

8. Dubai City Church

This church is situated in Oud Metha, their sermon stresses the lessons of the Holy Scriptures. Its purpose is to encourage people in their spiritual walk with God by succeeding Jesus Christ’s lessons.  In 1999, a crew of 20 dedicated persons founded this basilica. It has since spread to Abu Dhabi and now has a Russian flock in the United Arab Emirates. A branch is also located in Sydney, Australia. In India, the church runs its own International Outreach.

9. Dubai Mar Thoma Church | Churches in Dubai

In Dubai, there’s a Marthomite Church. Syrian Christians, or Marthomites, are the predominant. Christians from Kerala constructed it in 1969. The church has expanded to include 2,200 households, showcasing its success. It helps Marthomites with their religious needs. Four worship services are held weekly at Dubai Mar Thoma Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of Churches in Dubai


Dubai is among the nations dominated by Muslims, but that shouldn’t be a problem for our residents or visitors to the city. You can worship as per your faith, whether being a Christian or Muslim. Churches are all over the city to rejuvenate your soul.

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