Things Tourists Must Avoid During their UAE Trip

Are you planning to visit United Arabs? Read this post to understand what to do when traveling there. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, there are various things to follow, and you must be careful with the rules and regulations. Here are essential things tourists must avoid during their UAE trip.

1. Don’t take photographs without permission

When you visit Dubai, one of the things you will need to avoid with your camera is taking photos without permission. However, you will need to look professional and follow all the rules of taking the photo and not take everything you see. The restriction on photo taking is strict, and anyone who disobeys it may end up in Jail.

2. Don’t carry drugs

Drugs are prohibited in most of the world; even UAE doesn’t allow public smoking. If you are found with any drug-carrying in the Airport, you will face the law. If you must take then consider having a letter for the doctor’s prescription.

3. Don’t use your left hand to greet

If you are visiting Dubai for the trip, be careful with the people you shake hands with. One of the rules for people of UAE  is not to use their left hand when greeting or eating food. If you use your left hand to hand out for a greeting, you will not get a hand out from the person you are greeting. But if you are born using the left hand to do your daily work in Dubai, try with a right hand to avoid being offended in public.

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There are various reasons people from Arabs and Asia don’t use their left hand: when going to the toilet, they use the left hand.

4. Drinking in public

When you are in Dubai or UAE, don’t try to drink in public; you may face a law and be taken to Jail. Most of the visitors who like drinking are advised to look for drinking places or specific restaurants.

Search for the Dubai bar and go there to get any drink you want, and don’t take it to start drinking in a public place; you better go with it to your restroom and start drinking.

5. Avoid using PDA

Dubai is one of the things you should try to eliminate is PDA. When you are a foreigner and don’t follow Dubai rules, you start kissing in public places; then you will be taken by police to a nearby police station. You must understand everything when you visit Dubai to avoid getting harassment.

6. Dress appropriate

When visiting UAE, one thing to note is the dressing code. Either women or men, you have to dress smartly and not naked showing your body to people. Dubai is among places that has all types of cloth; you must know how to dress before going to public places.

Another thing when packing your cloth, remember to take those that you can feel comfortable in Dubai during the hot time. For dressing, wearing clothes that don’t attract attention is why it is suggested for most people here.

7. Avoid eating in public during the time of Ramadan

If your trip to Dubai ranges during Ramadan, don’t eat in public places if you are not a Muslim since they fast during that month. Even drinking this month is prohibited and not permitted at all. However, you can take a drink or food in your home or restaurant but not in public places. You must follow all those rules to continue enjoying your trip to Dubai.

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8. Don’t use rude hands while driving

When you drive in Dubai, avoid using a rude hand as a greeting sign. When you do that, it shows disrespect, and it is not allowed in Dubai for anyone to do so. Other drivers are driving in the same direction as you when they see rude hands might show you are displeased and not allowed in Dubai. You better use a better sign when you drive but don’t try this one.

What you do in Dubai which is not allowed can land you in big trouble, so you must be careful as a tourist.

9. Don’t disrespect the royal family

If need to enjoy your stay in Dubai, always respect the royal family. When Dubai is not allowed to mock or discuss the royal family, you might end up in Jail for some years. Even if you were joking, it could bring you some problems.

10. Don’t dance in public

Dubai is one city that doesn’t allow dancing in public places, and if you like it, then better consider following the law. Make sure you take your dancing in a restaurant or bar with a license that allows you to do the same. Otherwise, dancing in public places is banned and might lead you to arrest.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, consider following all the restrictions here to allow you to stay comfortable.

11. Avoid cross dress

When you visit Dubai, things that are not allowed are homosexuality; if you do it, try to avoid it.

Dressing with gender is followed here, and if you do against it, police may come for you to record the statement. Most of the tourists arrested in Dubai for disobeying this rule. If you want to avoid getting your tourism visa rejected, try following all the rules.

12. Don’t stay in the same hotel if not married

If you are visiting Dubai and not married, then try to look for a different hotel to stay in during your visit. It is illegal to book the same room with your friend, not your married wife. If you need to avoid being taken back to your country, use a different room and meet during the day for a tour. Things not to do in Dubai are essential to follow them.

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13. Don’t forget to visit popular tourist spots

When visiting UAE, don’t finish your trip without getting to this famous place. Various places in Dubai attract tourism. When you are in for vacation, don’t forget to explore this fantastic place in Dubai. Visit Burj for the first time and enjoy the nature of this place.

Take a look at the fantastic historic place in Dubai that attract visitors, and don’t go without having your day or two spent in such places.

You will see the old historic places with different people worldwide to come and witness in Dubai. The place is fantastic for tourists, and you don’t need to miss and enjoy the beauty of Dubai.

14. Don’t cuss in public

Cuss is things you will need to avoid is cussing while in public places. Try to control yourself in people to avoid getting insulted or a rest. You may finish your day in Jail by just doing cuss.

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Conclusion | Things Tourists Must Avoid During their UAE Trip

The above are some of the essential things to avoid when visiting Dubai. You need to follow the law and observe some of the rules before you even visit UAE. Read all the rules to make sure you understand every step.

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