#1 How to Enjoy a Camel Ride in Dubai?

Did you know that you can enjoy a camel ride in Dubai? This experience is so unique that many people find it hard to resist! You can even ride camels with your kids! There are many benefits to riding camels, such as the fact that you can go for long distances without needing to drink water! Here are a few tips to ensure a great ride. Make sure to arrive early and bring a camera! Also, avoid riding camels on Fridays.

Come Early to Enjoy a Camel Ride in Dubai

If you’ve never been on a Camel Ride Dubai safari, you’re missing out. Camel rides are an unforgettable way to explore the beautiful desert and experience the traditional culture of the region. These rides are best for children aged five years and older, and the camels will stand on their forelegs while you ride them. However, camel rides are not for everyone. You’ll need to choose the right camel for your family and book your ride in advance.

Before you go on a camel ride, be sure to check out the sand dunes. The dunes of Dubai are beautiful and offer an unparalleled view of the city. There are many places where you can enjoy a camel ride, but the best time to get one is early in the morning. You’ll need to be on your feet by 6:00 AM, so make sure you get there early!

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Bring a camera

Before embarking on a camel ride in Dubai, check the company’s cancellation policy. Many companies give a 50% refund if a cancellation is made seven days or more before the tour date. If cancellation occurs within two days of the tour, the full amount is due. Be aware that camel rides in Dubai usually have a minimum number of passengers. Nevertheless, if you plan to take part in the ride, book it three months in advance to ensure your spot.

If you are a photographer, bring a camcorder to capture the moment. Did you know that camels are the most revered animal in the UAE? A camel ride allows you to take amazing pictures of this rare experience. The remarkably friendly camels are a great way to capture the experience on film. Moreover, camels are very well-behaved and behave well.

Avoid wearing shorts

Popular tourist activity in Dubai is a camel ride in the desert. While there are many places to ride camels in Dubai, the desert isn’t the only place that you should avoid wearing shorts. The desert itself is a vast area, and a camel ride through the dunes is part of a historical tradition. It was once home to Bedouins, who used camels as their transportation.

Whether you’re taking a camel ride in Dubai, or simply sightseeing in the desert, make sure to wear appropriate clothing. Don’t wear shorts or ripped jeans, which show too much skin. Also, don’t wear revealing clothing inside mosques, government offices, or Al Fahidi. Shorts should cover the bum and armpits. While there’s no specific dress code in the desert, it’s best to avoid showing too much skin.

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Avoid Riding on Fridays

If you want to enjoy a camel ride in the desert in Dubai, you should avoid riding on a Friday. The UAE observes Friday as a day of rest, and people are less likely to go out for tourist activities on Fridays. That said, you might want to visit the desert on a Friday if you have time to spare. Camel rides in Dubai are a popular tourist activity, and the desert has a long and rich history. Bedouins lived in the area long ago, and camel rides are a traditional part of the culture.


If you want to experience a camel ride in Dubai, be sure to do your research and plan ahead. Make sure you choose an operator who is licensed and insured and knows how to handle camels safely. Be prepared for a fun but bumpy ride through the desert!

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