Top 5 Places to Visit in Fujairah

Top Places to Visit in Fujairah

Fujairah is among the unbelievable places to tour in the Middle East. It is amid ranges and mountains with villages and coastline cities. Fujairah is advantageous to tour as it is cheaper, unlike vibrant Dubai. If you like diving passionate, then this is the place for you.  

This place has a cool temperature, is most peaceful, and is one of the world-leading oil export in the current market despite most of the oil has not been fully explored.

There is Fujairah port, where a massive cruise harbor. Interesting, it is the gateway you pass through to the United Arab Emirates’ charming coast. Many people fail to explore it due to a lack of what to do or not knowing some of the most beautiful things to push their day, weekends, or holiday.

Things are cheaper in Fujairah; it is the best place to have a road trip as you will explore limitless scenic such as;

  • Oldest fortresses
  • Melodramatic landscapes
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Incredible oases, among others

Today, this article will take you to Fujairah and explore more than expectations to plan well for your summer to have a remarkable life experience. This place has a lot of things to do or to visit. Now, let’s inspect some of the top residences to visit.

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List of Top 5 Places to Visit in Fujairah

1. Al-Bidyah Mosque           

Al-Badyah Mosque is a historic place in the region. It is the oldest mosque from the 15th century in the UAE. Ottoman Mosque, or the AL-Badyah Mosque, is situated in a tiny township with its prayer position facing the fantastic Mecca.

 It is made of mud brick and is located 40 km away from Fujairah town. The mosque has a mihrab and tiny payer room where our guests can tour whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim but only if decently dressed as per the Muslim code. However, during prayers, no visitors are allowed unless a Muslim wants to pray.

There is the oldest watchtower which gives a panoramic view of the locality. It is traced that this place was inhabited 4000 years ago during Iron Age. 

2. The Fujairah Museum

Fujairah Museum is an assembly of utensils (tracing back to the Bronze Age), artifacts, and weaponries. This museum is nearby thee Fujairah port, where you will find archeological localities like the Bithnah and Qidfa.

Some coins were used during the Islamic period; the residents used burial artifacts extracted in the area about 2200 years down the line.

3. Tour Madhab Hot Springs Park 

It is a famous place among the residents of Fujairah city, the northwestern perimeter of the town. The warm water from these springs is channeled into two distinct swimming pools for both genders. This water has some contents of Sulphuric acid, making it an outstanding hot spring, unlike other salty hot springs.

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The swimming pools are bounded by a massive park where the residents come to enjoy games, BBQ, and have a picnic. Madhab Hot Spring Park does get full every weekend when most of the residents are free. If you have a kinfolk, there is a playground for your kids to laze around all day; this keeps them busy to give all and sundry adequate time to relish.

4. Visit Masafi

It is complete of inland life to look at; Masafi is situated in the northwest and is 33 km from Fujairah city. This place will lead to the famous Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), the Hajar Mountains, where the two emirates separate from the Masafi village.

During the 1970s, this place used to be the refueling for the caravans which used to travel along the coast. Interestingly, today Masafi is well known for its incredible springs that provide some of the top sold minerals water in the region.

If you are coming from Dubai before along the highway, there stands an outstanding market (Black Market) where you can relax and have delicious meals before embarking on the trip. Despite its name, this market remains operational throughout the day and is a peaceful place to relish.

5. View Al Aqah | Places to Visit in Fujairah

If you are a fan of swimming, then whenever you footstep into Fujairah, Al Aqah is a must-visit. This residence is 45 km from the hometown of Fujairah. There are beautiful resorts and restaurants for maximum exposure to the outskirt of town.

Unlike Dubai, which is crowded with seashores, this is the best dwelling to visit to spend your precious vacation or weekends. You can try paddle boarders, water sports, and any other eye-catching activities you wish to push the day on the beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs | Places to Visit in Fujairah

Final Words | Places to Visit in Fujairah            

Make your vacation outstanding and life remarkable. Visiting Fujairah is worth being your priority when it comes to relaxation. If you are looking for incredible spacious beaches to laze, pass through Al Aqah to try more water activities. From Dubai to Fujairah, pass through the Black Market known for its bargaining characteristics by the residents and visitors.

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