Sana Kheir: Empowering Financial Futures Through Real Estate Vision

Sana Kheir: Co-Founder of Mayfair Properties

Sana Kheir, Co-Founder of Mayfair Properties, is not just a real estate entrepreneur but a visionary guiding individuals toward financial empowerment through informed investments. With a background in banking and wealth management and a commitment to financial literacy, her journey embodies the fusion of expertise and passion in real estate consultancy.

The Visionary Journey

Amidst the responsibilities of raising a family and caring for aging parents, Sana’s quest for financial stability diverged from the confines of a traditional 9-5 career. Her banking tenure revealed a surprising lack of financial education, prompting her foray into the world of financial literacy. This exploration led her to the expansive realm of real estate, recognizing its potential for wealth generation through prudent investments.

Guiding Clients Towards Financial Success

Sana’s journey wasn’t without its learning curve. Starting modestly in 2006, she navigated through trials and triumphs, turning initial setbacks into invaluable lessons. Her investments spanned across continents, including prominent cities like London, Istanbul, and Dubai, culminating in a wealth of experience that now serves as a guiding compass for her clients.

At the heart of Sana’s vision for Mayfair Properties lies a dedication to financial education. She empowers professionals from diverse backgrounds, doctors, pilots, entrepreneurs, and investors, guiding them to understand the distinction between active income and passive wealth accumulation. Her consultancy emerged from a growing stream of referrals, a testament to her commitment to imparting financial wisdom.

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Mayfair Properties: A Holistic Approach

Established in 2006, Mayfair Properties stands tall as the epitome of real estate excellence. It’s more than just a consultancy; it’s a holistic solution for all real estate needs. With a diversified portfolio spanning Prime Central London, the UK, and the Middle East, the company prides itself on being the quintessential partner in discovering the perfect property for residential or commercial purposes.

Driven by a mission to elevate clients beyond the limitations of conventional income, Mayfair Properties prioritises client satisfaction above all else. The Mayfair team’s decades-long expertise in Dubai’s real estate market ensures a nuanced understanding of market trends, allowing for informed decisions that optimize personal portfolios.

Guiding Clients Toward Financial Freedom

Mayfair Properties doesn’t just offer options; it provides a curated experience, steering clients through many choices, budgets, and finishing options. From family-friendly communities to opulent condos and penthouses in Dubai or across Emirates’ major cities, the company ensures a comprehensive range of options, ensuring each client finds their perfect fit.

Commitment to Client Welfare

Crucially, Mayfair Properties maintains an unwavering commitment to client welfare. By fostering partnerships with every real estate development company in the UAE, the company ensures unbiased advice, steering clear of conflicts of interest. The sole focus remains on the client’s well-being, providing a personalized, transparent, and enriching real estate journey.


Sana Kheir’s ethos, embodied in Mayfair Properties, stands as a beacon of financial empowerment, guiding individuals toward a future where their money works as tirelessly for them as they do for it. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to client-centric service, Mayfair Properties continues to redefine the landscape of real estate consultancy, making dreams of property ownership a tangible and fulfilling reality.

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